The Shield and Spear Paradox

The Shield and Spear Paradox


Watercolour on 300gsm watercolour paper

Width-57.5cm.  Height-53cm    Depth-0.1cm


A woman is birthing the earth while a snake swallows from the other end. On the surface of the globe is an image of a snake destroying the earth while producing a product that destroys the earth more in a neverending spiral. Inspired for this work by the emotions experienced around Child Birth. Contemplating the idea of the shield and spear paradox. When equal opposing forces push against each other does it create, destroy or both. The story contained in this image is endless.
This is a one of a kind original piece dreamt up in the artist’s imagination. Influenced by surreal artist Salvador Dali’s style of storytelling and symbolism.


Sold unframed. This is a watercolour on paper it will need framing behind glass to protect from moisture and marks. I would also recommend hanging away from direct sunlight to protect from fading. The attached image shows this work framed with a white cardboard surround and thin frame to complement to fine lines on the leaves.


Free worldwide postage throughout my website. All works sent tracked, priority post using  Australia Post. This work is on paper and will be loosely rolled in a solid cardboard tube for best protection in transit. When the work arrives I would recommend flattening the paper. Place the work under a stack of books with the protection papers over to keep clean.


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